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Ruaya Property

Ruaya Real Estate Company is a leading company in the field of real estate and tourism in Turkey, providing its clients with free real estate consultancy, tourism and medical tourism services and after-sales services, through its marketing and sales operations carried out in the past 16 years, gaining the trust of 9,253 clients.
When you get to know Roya Real Estate, you will also realize that we offer you real estate advice and that we are not just translators, thanks to our dominance in the construction sector, construction sites and real estate.
We will offer you the most appropriate options, compare them and explain the differences in order to find the most suitable property that meets your needs.

During the process of buying a property in Istanbul, we will direct you to the best projects and offer you the best prices and payment plans thanks to our good relations and special agreements with construction companies.
Also, we guarantee you the best chances when buying used properties thanks to our experience in this field.

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