The 10 best malls in Istanbul with the way to reach them

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The 10 best malls in Istanbul with the way to reach them

Cevahir Mall in Istanbul
Cevahir Mall is located in the Sisli district in the European section of Istanbul, and the Turks call it the Mall of Arabia due to the demand of Arab tourists. for artistic performances.

Jawaher Mall contains 290 shops, in addition to three cinemas and an entertainment city for children. Jawaher Mall is characterized by the spread of luxury and sophistication hotels near Jawahir Mall.

Venice Mall in Istanbul
Also known as the Venice Mall in Istanbul, it is located in the Osman Gazi Pasha district on the European side of Istanbul, and includes more than 180 various shops among the Venice Mall of Istanbul.

In the Venice Mall of Istanbul, you will see the Italian city of Venice standing in front of you with its streets, squares and ancient landmarks. While you are roaming in the Venice Mall of Istanbul, you feel as if you are in the center of Venice, where you see the water channels in the middle of the shops, and give the place splendor and splendor, and topped by bridges that help you move around The mall is easily around, and with its wonderful creative design, it has attracted many tourists to become one of the most important malls in Istanbul, and the most famous tourist attraction in Istanbul.

You will be surprised, as you wander through a copy of the Italian city of Venice, where an ancient square was built, with a tower in the middle of which Italian and international restaurants and cafes are spread around.

The shops in the Venice Mall of Istanbul are distributed on the banks of beautiful water canals, in which elegant boats run, reminding you of the ancient city of Venice.

Mall of Istanbul
Mall of Istanbul is considered one of the most important modern Istanbul malls and is characterized by its extension over a large area, and it may take more than a day to enjoy roaming in it and discover all its secrets.

The huge commercial complex was opened in 2014 and consists of six towers that were inspired by the city of Istanbul itself, where the complex consists of 4 residential towers, an office tower, a large building dedicated to the hotel and hotel units, and a huge shopping mall.

It contains no less than 400 stores, and many distinctive and international brands. The stores' exhibits vary between fashion, electronics, traditional foods, home furniture and furnishings, and children's toys, in addition to a huge hypermarket that provides all your needs; It is worth noting that the Grand Mall of Istanbul contains many international brands that display the latest fashion and women's and men's clothing, as well as distinctive fashion for children.
The mall also hosts periodically many international exhibitions and festivals, which display jewelry, paintings, antiques, authentic artifacts, and seasonal decorations, coming to Istanbul from all parts of the world.

Forum Istanbul Mall
Forum Istanbul Mall was launched at the beginning of 2009 in the Bayrampasa district, where the mall includes residential buildings, annexes and services, in addition to an area of ??approximately 176 thousand square meters dedicated to shopping, containing nearly 300 shops, the most important and most famous international and local brands.

The world-famous IKEA store is located in Forum Istanbul. The world-famous IKEA store is located in Forum Istanbul. The IKEA store specializes in apartment furniture. Forum Istanbul Mall also contains the Snow Museum, which is one of the most important and beautiful museums in Istanbul, which attracts large numbers of visitors on holidays and events annually.

Forum Istanbul also includes a turquoise aquarium, which contains the largest family of sharks in Europe, in addition to many types of rare fish and amazing marine life, and it is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Istanbul.

Istinye Park Mall in Istanbul
Istinye Park Mall is located in the Sariyer district of Istanbul. Istinye Park Mall is one of the most luxurious and prestigious malls in Istanbul, containing many of the most famous international brands and local Turkish brands.

Istinye Park contains many shops numbering more than 300 shops and brands that include clothing, shoes, jewelry and accessories, in addition to movie theaters and children's amusement parks, as well as many restaurants and cafes from the most famous foreign and Turkish brands.

The Istinye Park complex is distinguished by its retractable glass roof, which opens and closes according to the weather in winter and summer, which makes it distinctive and worth a visit.

Istanbul Valley Mall
It is located within the Istanbul Valley area and is one of the largest commercial centers in Turkey, and one of the best distinctive Istanbul malls, as it extends over an area of ??103,000 square meters, and the huge shopping complex includes more than 300 stores of clothing and fashion stores with leading international brands.

Wadi Istanbul Mall also contains a number of cafes, restaurants and entertainment centers for games for adults and children. Istanbul Valley Mall is distinguished by its hosting of one of the latest cinematic display technologies in the world.

City Nisantasi Shopping Complex in Istanbul
Located in Nisantasi, the most beautiful neighborhood of Istanbul, this distinctive mall contains more than 150 stores of the finest and most expensive local, Turkish and international brands.

It also includes many cafes and restaurants that serve all kinds of food, including Chinese, Mexican, French and Japanese!

It has a number of cinemas, libraries, electronics stores, and many others; It is truly one of the most important malls in Istanbul; An integrated complex where you will find everything you are looking for in the city of the Asian and European continents


Acacia Mall complex in Istanbul
One of the largest malls in Turkey, Istanbul. It is located on the Asian side of the city in the Uskudar area. Acacia Mall Istanbul includes many international and Turkish brands distributed over about 255 shops, selling all necessary furniture, watches, jewelry, shoes and bags.

All this in addition to the famous international restaurants, and Acacia Mall is distinguished by the play city as a Kidzania for children.

Water Garden Mall Istanbul Entertainment and Shopping
Water accompanied by music and lights.. Shopping and world famous brands.. Restaurants, cafes and cinemas.. Entertainment, adventures and thrills in the gardens.. All this and more you will find in the Watergarden Mall (in Turkish: Watergarden Al??veri? merkezi) the most beautiful among Istanbul malls located in the Ata?ehir area In the Asian side of Istanbul

Water Garden Istanbul is not just a shopping mall, it is the largest entertainment center in the world that was opened in 2016 AD on an area of ??5,000 square meters to be the first of its kind in Turkey, which includes the largest water pool (dancing fountain) that is used for simultaneous musical performances With lights, lasers and fireworks, it is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Istanbul

Akabati Mall

It is considered the fifth largest shopping center in Istanbul in the Esenyurt area, containing more than 200 various shops,
It serves all family members and meets all needs and brings together the best Turkish brands and some international brands such as Lacoste, Massimo Dotti, Marks and Spencer and a large group of restaurants and distinguished cafes such as Happy Moon's Restaurant, in addition to an entertainment area for children and 9 cinemas The mall is very beautiful with large areas and attractive internal gardens.


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